Wild Bird

We are family owned and operated feed store in Hartland, MI open since 1970.

Wild Bird Food

Ideal Wild Bird 40 lbs.

Ideal Cherry Blossom 20 lbs./40 lbs.

Ideal Oatilicious 40 lbs.

Ideal Cardinal Treat 30 lbs.

Ideal No Mess 20 lbs./40 lbs.

Sunflower Oilers 40 lbs

Sunflower Stripes 25 lbs

Sunflower Hearts 50 lbs

Safflower 20 lbs./50 lbs

Peanut Splits 20 lbs./50 lbs

Tristle 10 lbs./50 lbs

Wild Finich 10 lbs

White Millet 10 lbs

Cracked Corn

white corn

white corn

Ear Corn

Wild Bird Feeders

Suet Feeders

Thistle Feeders

Sunflower Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders

Oriole Feeders

Mix Seed Feeders

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