Salts for animal

We are family owned and operated feed store in Hartland, MI open since 1970.


  • White Salt Bricks 4 lbs.
  • T/m Salt Bricks 4 lbs.
  • White Salt Blocks 50 lbs.
  • T/m Salt Blocks 50 lbs.
  • Selenium Blocks 50 lbs.
  • White Granulated Salt 50 lbs.
  • T/m Salt With Selenium Granulated 50 lbs.
  • Sheep/Goat Salt

Water Softener Salt

  • Hard: Cube
  • Hard: Cube Red Out

Ice Melting & Dust Control

  • Calcium Chloride Flakes
  • Safety Salt

Call us order for your items

We also sell bedding for many animals and livestock and make many types of landscaping supplies.
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