Salts for animal

We are family owned and operated feed store in Hartland, MI open since 1970.

Salt Blocks

White Salt Blocks 50 lbs

White Salt Bricks 4 lbs.

Trace mineral Salt Bricks 4 lbs

T/m Salt Blocks 50 lbs.

Selenium Blocks 50 lbs.

White Granulated Salt 50 lbs.

Trace mineral Salt With Selenium Granulated 50 lbs.

Sheep/Goat Salt

Water Softener Salt

Dura Cube: Regular

Dura Cube: Red Out (Iron Fighter Formula)

Ice Melting & Dust Control

Calcium Chloride Flakes

Safety Salt

Paw Thaw Ice Melter

Call us order for your items

We also sell bedding for many animals and livestock and make many types of landscaping supplies.
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