We are family owned and operated feed store in Hartland, MI open since 1970.

Poultry Feed and Supplies

Kalmbach poultry products

16% All Flock Maintenance Pellet

17% Layer Pellets

17% Layer Crumbles

18% Start Right Chick Feed

18% Game Cock Conditioner

18% Duck & Goose Mimi Pellet

Scratch Grains

Henhouse Reserve (50lbs.)

Full Plume Feathering Feed

20% Flock Starter/Grower (Crumble/Pellet)

22% Broiler (Med./Non Medicated)

28% Gamebird Starter Medicated

Wild Flush Pheasant

Premium Poultry Block (25 lbs.)

Kalmbach (Non-GMO) Products

17% Layer Crumble (Non-GMO)

17% Layer Pellets (Non-GMO)

18% Start Right Chick Feed (Non-GMO)

20% Flock Maker (Non-GMO)

22% Meatbird Starter (Non-GMO)

28% Turkey/Gamebird Grower-Finisher (Non-GMO)

Custom Mix

16% Giegler Mash Layer Feed (Course/Fine)

15% Giegler Layer Scratch

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