Horse Feeds

We are family owned and operated feed store in Hartland, MI open since 1970.

Essential K

Essential K GC Plus

Growth Textured

Growth Pellet

K Finish

Kalm Ultra

Kalm N EZ Soy Free

Kalm N EZ GC Plus

Kalm N EZ


Senior Pelleted

Senior Low NSC

Senior GC Plus

Senior Sport GC Plus

Senior Sport Textured


Trib’s Treats (Banana/Apple)

Wholesome Blend Performance

Wholesome Blend Senior

Wholesome Blend Balancer

Equine Senior

Apple & Oats Flavored Horse Treats (15 lbs.)

Wild Forage

Custom Mixes





*No minimum mix order

Horse Supplements:

Constant Comfort (Block/Pellet)

Equiferm XL Prebiotic & Probiotic

Equine Fly Control Block

Tough as Nails

Grass Assistant Block

Equine Advanced Joint Care

Equine Electrolyte Plus Pellet

Equine Natural Vitamin E Plus Pellet

Equine Pure Flax Oil

Equine Weight Gain

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