Giegler’s Feed-Seed and Landscape Supply

Since 1970, Giegler’s Feed-Seed and Landscape Supply is a local, family-owned and operated feed store in Hartland, Mich. We are very proud to serve Hartland’s Community for over 50 years and counting. The Giegler Family has been farming Hartland and the surrounding area since 1923. At Giegler’s, we produce high-quality custom and pre-packaged animal feeds; including: horses, poultry, pigs, sheep, goats, cattle, rabbits, dogs, cats, and deer. Livestock bedding is available along with an assortment of food plot seeds. We also provide a variety of landscaping supplies such as: mulch, sand, gravel, soil, fertilizer, grass seed, and much more!

animal feeds

Landscaping Supplies

We have everything for all of your animal nutrition needs!

We Produce High-Quality Animal Feeds Including Horse, Chicken, Pigs, Sheep, Goat, Cattle, Rabbit And Deer.

Horse Feeds List

Purina Horse Feeds, Supplements and Supplies

K Finish

Essential K

Essential K GC Plus

Kalm Ultra

Poultry Feeds List

We have top of the line chicken feed and accessories!

Scratch Grains

17% Layer Pellet

20% Flock Starter/Grower (Crumble/Pellet)

22% Broiler (Med./Non Medicated)

Dog & Cat Food

We sell Dog & Cat Food/Treats/Litter/Bedding

(Dog Food)
Diamond Brands

(Dog Food)
Loyall Brands

(Cat Food)
Loyall Brands

(Cat Litter)
Pestell Easy Clean

Wild Bird Food

We Sell Wild Bird Food and Bird Feeders

Ideal Wild Bird 40 lbs.

Sunflower Oilers 40 lbs

Sunflower Stripes 25 lbs

Sunflower Hearts 50 lbs

Suet Feeders

Thistle Feeders

Sunflower Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders

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