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Animal Feed-Seed Supply

Welcome to Giegler’s Feed-Seed and Landscape Supply. We offer a variety of different high quality feeds for all of your livestock and pets. We ensure that all of our products contain quality ingredients that are great for your cattle, dogs, cats, livestock and wild birds. Our experience spands over generations and we have been in business since 1970 giving us over 45 years of professional hands on experience. Not only do we have the experience to help you with your feed and seed, but our knowledge of the products we use and the products that are the best in the industry span for many years. Our family has been farming in Hartland since 1924 making us deeply rooted in the area as well as Howell and the surrounding areas.

We produce high quality animal feeds including horse, chicken, pigs, sheep, goat, cattle, rabbit and deer.

Landscape Supply Delivery

Giegler’s offers delivery on all of the products that we carry. That means we will conveniently deliver to you whatever order you need to be filled and whatever time you need it there by. Our delivery is always on time and always filled with the order you placed, nothing missing.